“Smarter ways to work your connection”

Networking is serious business! Having a solid connection with your relationship with people can determine how far you may go within your business. Steve Tobak gave resourceful information on success and business working hand in hand together. Networking is the main objective in the success of a company. This will take the company to high standards and levels.Customers essentially makes or breaks the profits and sales depending on marketing strategies. Business life is all about connections and how far and wide they can be expanded. Building and maintaining good healthy relationships can do more good for your business than harm. Steve also lays out how the marketer must target the bull’s eye catering to the specific needs in the customer base. As a customer myself I want what I want when I want to buy it. And if the business will satisfy my wants I will be sure to return with additional customers, and with an expanded networking base, using twitter, Facebook and linked in. To exploit and brag on the service and products. This respect will gain confidence with the customer base and give them what they are asking for. By keeping the network base current will also have great long-term effects on the business now and in the future. Overall this blog has great incentives for the business owner and the customer. Networking is important in life period, whether it’s school, work, or personal networking can determine the potential outcome of the profits and gain. Today is it so many social networks that will help build and maintain solid relationships such as online reviews and blog postings, keeping the social networking current. Getting to know your contacts and keeping in contact with current customer base will have positive long-lasting great effects on your business.


“Why small businesses fail”

This is a fabulous blog every entrepreneur should read. Seth Gordin laid it out straight to the point and gave a few pointers to follow. I agree with the fact that smaller is better for a good start. It has been pr0ven if u put hard work into something it will pay off. And with this blog Mr. Gordin believes the micro-market can expand faster more that a mass market. It would truly be hard to fail if all the attention is put into creating a long customer client base and fans of the products or the business. Being a part of a creative positive social media will also allow the small business to be recognized and commented on. Seth has also advised to not re-tweet and comment less. VERY EFFECTIVE approach, sometimes comments can ruin your reputation and or put the company in jeopardy of loss. I agree with the fact that a person a can comment be generous and short. Keep it simple, it always looks better! Some people would take massive commenting as bragging or begging, so to be on the safe side keep it simple. Seth also admitted that sales and marketing go hand in hand working diligently together producing positivity for all aspects of company. In order for customers to buy “we” love a great sales pitch, something exciting or eye-catching to make me want to buy this item. Overall, I totally agreed with Seth Gordin in his blog, I understand his beliefs and it has been proven. In plain words he has witnessed businesses small and large seen growth and potential for both, but it was the approach that was taken to market their sales pitch. Also not being weird and eager enough to being able to strive and be able to make it or break it.
After reading Seth Gordin’s blog I took the advantage of reading further finding ways of great motivational quotes in which I came across one of his that has since set motivation and inspiration within my soul. He quotes “You have everything you need to build something far larger than yourself” Seth Gordin, simply remarkable, I will take this quote with me everyday of my life hence forward.


As I read about Kickstart I understood more why crowds of people stand in groups with pens and pads! It’s called CrowdFunding “wow” and it actually has a real name. Kickstart is best described as a “RISK TAKER”, putting money down for a gamble of profit. I read and seen the successful people who have become millionaires from Kickstart, but others have lost their whole life saving, leaving them to start over. I guess I’m for positive outcomes. This is probably why I don”t gamble at the casino, I can’t take the chance of losing what I work so hard for. The upscale of kickstart is they have had profitable business ventures ranging from film, food, technology, and games all great resources to keep our economy running well. It was stated if “one fail to plan you have planned to fail”, (Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill). Which is a great life lesson for every individual to plan ahead not only for business plans but for the better or worst. Business plans are kind of like a roller coaster up and down, steady, busy then slow at times. So with all of this in mind a person must prepare and plan for those type of situations. Overall, taking risks is up to the individual themselves and all outcomes are unpredictable. The creation of a fan base and the wide variety of different audiences brings excitement to one’s life and that’s the part of Kickstart I would love…..

Blog #1

The article I read by Forbes on the Developing role of Social Media in the Modern Business World was very informative. I was intrigued to find out things about the “Big Three” that interested me. Such as I was unaware the social networks were classified as the “Big Three”. I always thought of this title belonging to Ford, GM, and Chrysler. I was also intrigued to find out how many people and businesses really do use and rely on social media. The larger businesses need to use networking to keep their product selling and savvy to the public. Smaller companies also need social networks to rely on sales and growth of their company. This blog was an informative aspect on how social media can be used in positive ways. It was interesting to find out how Facebook was originally used for college students which makes sense to keep up on the fun and friends that may be far away. But now in my opinion Facebook has become one of the most largest and most visited site exsisting. Some people use Facebook as a networking tool and others use it as a past time as well as hobbies to escape boredom. As for Twitter I’ve always looked as it as a celebrity tool but as I’ve educated myself upon how Twitter works and it is also is a highly visited networking and social tool. I hear of more celebrities and high power people using Twitter. The other popular site for many now is also Instagram. A popular picture site where individuals of all ages post pictures and videos. And the last site was discussed was Google, in which is also popular and used quite often daily. Google in my opinion is positive and works for the average person, college student and or businesses. Google is displayed as a networking tool for one to find something out, with images and other cool things that can make sense to the curious or unknown mind. I enjoy using google and appreciate the fact you can type almost two letters and it helps you to find correct spelling as well information from various websites.

Overall the blog was interesting and very informative it made me want to keep reading to find out what each of the “the Big Three” was all about. I’ve always had a biased opinion on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that they were for the public to display all their business so the world could see. After reading this blog it set my mind differently. I guess I never really thought about how a business thrives off social media to grow. I have seen the negative part of Facebook from violence to unecessary posts about them and or their family or friends. I’ve read posts of such negativity that it turned me away from Facebook. I do still have an active page as well as an account with LinkedIn. Currently, I use neither of them. The only way I find out about a text from Facebook it may pop up on my phone. I have nothing against social media it’s just not for me. Being a somewhat private person I tend to keep personal business personal. Although in the future I plan to start a business providing transportation to the disabled and or handicapped. With this plan in mind I may have to expand my business by networking and advertising my business on my page to promote growth and opportunity for my company. This blog has informed me to know that almost half of our world (43%) people use social media as a way of communicating and promoting. After I read the blog I also visited other links such as worlds most richest people the billionaires of our world, which was very interesting to see who owned what, their ages, and what their worth. I also visited other links such as most richest rappers such as Jay Z selling his shares of the nets, which is also another business networking tool, maybe someone will see it and want to check out the numbers on the shares and buy in. With all the informative informaton I recieved from this blog I can honestly say I have a different outlook on social media and networking.